For Talents and Talent Managers

Who Are We

Premiere Talent is the Ultimate Talent Platform, created for Talent, Management & Production by Talent, Management & Production. We are group of industry professionals who have looked at this platform from all sides;

For Talent we have asked what does a Talent need, from a platform to be seen, to advice about developing their Talent & Management & Legal templates to ensure that they are protected & successful within the industry;

For Management we have allowed a larger access to a much bigger Talent pool, easy search of Genres & Geographical locations, the Talent Search provides a complete opportunity & easily manageable information;

For Production we provide instant & detailed content about the Talent, from their availability, fee’s, technical riders, logistical information, a one spot process to save time & money. The questions asked & answers found from a multi-side perspective, which will continue to evolve as we develop the platform. The sub-services we make available & the overall infra-structure & Talent will extend & grow to be the ultimate entertainment & event platform on the planet.

Apart from a huge array of Talent, the site will draw on our detailed & complete database of clients throughout the Industry...