For Talents and Talent Managers

What is Premiere Talent

Premiere Talent offers the future of Talent Booking for both Talent & Booker, a simple & powerful tool to allow time to be dedicated to the most important element the result. The platform provides specific filters to your inquiries but also provides a intelligent & creative solution if you have no specific requirements & are searching for ideas.

PT offers Talent in all its forms, from Actors, Singers, Musicians, Artists, Acrobats, Stunt People, Models, Hosts, Promotional Staff, Celebrities to Costumes & Set Designers, Choreographers, Directors, Cameramen, Composers, Editors & Designers, Special Effects & much more. The Clients are the who's who in the industry from Production & Event Management, to Venues, to Touring companies, to Cruise Ships, Talent Bookers, Hotels & more. Also extending to services offered in the form of Legal, Logistical, Creative Concepts, Accounting, Web & App Design, Production & Technical & Sound Production to name a few....

Premiere Talent is the ultimate platform for Talent in the world today, the initial talent will be placed online from a number of the biggest Talent Agencies in the world & is predicted to grow extensively from day one. This offer Talent an amazing tool not only to be seen & access potential employees but offers a 360 solution for Marketing, Managing, Organizing & Protecting the Talent from providing a Universal Booking Calendar to Invoicing & Book Keeping to Agreements and a simple & total booking system from enquiry to performance to payment & much more. For the clients it offers the most detailed & direct access to their needs, from quoting, booking, technical, logistical all at a touch of a button you are able to access everything needed to propose, present, manage & deliver the ultimate result without the headache of searching, waiting & logistical headaches.
Like any new product it will take time to fully develop but with years of experience within the Entertainment Industry at the highest level we have envisaged a total solution but growth of the platform is a key to the success & although we have a vast array of talent, to be a truly Total Solution we need constantly to grow.
The uniqueness of the platform is the direct access, aimed to avoid multiple middle people which cause delays & increases costs. We respect Agents & Managers rights to commission but as a client you want to ensure its one commission instead of 5....just as Talent can directly place their profile so Agencies & Managers can also post multiple acts & benefit from the site, the possibility exists that Talent can discover such Agencies & Management.

Referrals will provide a miles system, just as bookings will also add to your miles, it will provide miles which will provide financial discounts & increase exposure frequency....