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Basic Info
Name: Tenori
Current Location: england
Nationality: English
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
About me:
TENORI’s story began in 2003 producing 3 Tenors concerts in aid of national charities close to to their hearts - Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation and the National Kidney Research Fund. Since 2003, TENORI has grown to become one of the finest 3 Tenors ensembles in the world: led by international award winning tenor, Alexander Grove and joined by two equallyexciting tenors from the UK or abroad, TENORI deliver top class entertainment and bespoke concerts of the highest quality by some of the most exciting tenorial talent in the UK performing either in true classical and operatic form accompanied by orchestras, a string quartet or a pianist or in a more amplified pop-opera style with professional, orchestral quality backing tracks . Unlike many of the misrepresented acts presented to the public as opera singers, TENORI consists of the real thing: international level artists from the UK and Europe trained at the highest levels and performing in opera houses, in the West End, on television, radio, soundtracks, concert platforms, arenas, for royalty, for congnescenti, for the public, for both private and corporate clients, whether it be in an arena, a concert venue, at weddings, on cruise ships, opening ceremonies or major corporate events.

For larger events, TENORI can be joined by established leading guest artists in demand on the operatic and concert stages throughout the UK and Europe.

Alexander and TENORI’s largest live audiences have exceeded 250,000 a week and 35,000 a night. They have performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues and in the last couple of years alone have been heard in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Malta, Gozo, Turkey, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Behind TENORI is a team of arrangers, orchestrators, sound technicians, event organisers and lighting designers that can be harnessed to bring the best for any occasion. In the unlikely event that TENORI are not available for your event, we have a network of high quality artists to draw on to ensure the event retains the highest quality available.
Performance Types
  • Singer
    • Classical
      • Opera
    • Voice Overs
      • Singers
Booking Info
Act Name: Tenori
Group: Trio
Booking Price: N/A